A World of Fantasy and Magic in iL CiRCo

January 30, 2011

When the curtain opens, the scene exudes magic: the lights are inviting a world of fantasy and circus acts defy the imagination.

When the curtain closes the magic does not disappear, moreover, is infused in each of the artists that gives life to Viaggio, Il Circo show presented today at the Palacio de los Deportes in Heredia.

Artists also have stories to tell, as surprising as they represent the same function before an audience that gives them plenty of applause.

One example is Alexander Fedortchev, a Russian trapeze artist was able to overcome a long battle with cancer, which today celebrates acting merit.

The coexistence between them is friendly and despite the fatigue and stress, not stop smiling, that left him for a hard test to see who performed on Thursday.

All experts are part of the circus art in his veins and therefore have given their lives to it, but knowing combined with other activities.

The limitation of time for the trips taken and the long hours of rehearsal are not an obstacle to be with their relatives, as most have whole families immersed in the circus arts.

Similarly, all people in the circus are one big family, they share a love of art and the larger they become true guides.

Cheryl Lindley is the designer and the clown, 52 years and over 30-year career. His cheerfulness permeates the rest of the team and has a protection on it that make it look like the mother of all.

But the age difference does not imply more or less professional, in contrast, all without exception are experts and an extensive and distinguished track record.

"All have been known for many years and are best friends. All share the good and bad and are on top of their careers, "said Sam Trego, leader of the company.

For this artist with 33 years of career (began at 16 years), the circus is an expression of life and love and a way to bring positive messages to the public.

"I demand more of them and I am never satisfied. I want to be the best they can be, that is the message of the story, the development of a person, "he said.

In the circus nationalities abound and that makes growth even more rich opportunities for artists to break down the language barrier to communicate with the art inside them.

The circus is gone, but the magic remains squandered.

Behind the scenes

Very clowns. Sam Trego, leader of Il Circo, remember that once one of the clowns dropped his pants in front of the public to celebrate.

Danger. Svetlana and Tatyana Senchihina, identical twin trapeze made air without any protection. A few years ago one of them fell and broke her hip.

Path. A large majority of artists from Cirque du Soleil and the Moscow Circus, two of the most prestigious in the world, so have much experience.

Love Steve Gale, Technical Director and Amy Gale, a producer are married. In the rest of the cast has not surfaced love.

Mocked and survived cancer
The premiere in Costa Rica Il Circo Viaggio the previous Thursday, was a special presentation to the Russian Alexander Fedortchev.

Although he has 26 years of experience, that night was his debut after winning a battle against a cancer that almost takes away life.

"In 2009 he returned to California after a tour of South Korea. I began to feel ill and within two weeks ended up in the hospital. I was told I had cancer level 4, "he recalled.

"2010 was really tough. I saw death up close, but at the end of the year I decided to survive and re-introduce the circus. I feel happy, full of vitality and appreciating life more, "he added.

After completing military service in Russia, he joined the Moscow Circus and Cirque du Soleil

Identical and inseparable

United by a strong bond, but the stunt became inseparable. Svetlana and Tatyana Senchihina, identical twins are not an instant away from each other.

The Ukrainian world champions in sports acrobatics and trapeze duo who perform at air, are part of Il Circo at 16 years of age.

"In the five years we are involved in this. It is our life and is the desired job, "said 29 year old girls.

Both say they had to mature faster by not having their parents nearby. However, being together made everything easier.

"The relationship between twins is different. We communicate very well, "he said.