Viaggio by iL CiRCo

Viaggio by iL CiRCo is an enchanting theatrical journey created by award-winning Imagination Entertainment and brought to life by the iL CiRCo troupe.

Follow a young child on her journey to a world filled with colorful fantasy creatures and hauntingly beautiful music. Experience breathtaking acrobatics in this theatrical spectacle that tells the story of a child's dream. Join an inspiring journey to a surreal world. Whimsical characters and artfully choreographed performances by our international troupe of acrobats are discovered along the way in one of the world's most beloved cirque-style shows. Viaggio by iL CiRCo is a captivating story of daring to dream.

Viaggio by iL CIRCo touches the heart, defies gravity and creates images that will be remembered for a lifetime. Inspired by the classical Italian theatrics of the Commedia dell'arte, Viaggio fuses modern-day acrobatics with the popular French-Canadian circus arts into a rich tapestry of song, dance, comedy, fantasy and awe-inspiring superhuman acts of strength, grace and agility. Luminous stage sets create a world where no color is too vivid and no dream is left unexplored. The result is a brilliantly choreographed journey that is "Simply Excellent," according to the headline in Panama City, Panama's Mi Diario newspaper.

Since its premiere performance in 1996, iL CiRCo has left a trail of standing ovations spanning the globe, after touring more than 14 countries on five continents. Having played to over 8 million people worldwide, Viaggio by iL CiRCo has truly evolved to become an international sensation.

Share the dream! Join the journey! Experience Viaggio by iL CiRCo today.