Viaggio by iL CiRCo

Viaggio by iL CiRCo is an enchanting theatrical journey created by award-winning Imagination Entertainment and brought to life by the iL CiRCo troupe.

Follow a young child on her journey to a world filled with colorful fantasy creatures and hauntingly beautiful music. Experience breathtaking acrobatics in this theatrical spectacle that tells the story of a child's dream. Join an inspiring journey to a surreal world. Whimsical characters and artfully choreographed performances by our international troupe of acrobats are discovered along the way in one of the world's most beloved cirque-style shows. Viaggio by iL CiRCo is a captivating story of daring to dream.

Viaggio by iL CIRCo touches the heart, defies gravity and creates images that will be remembered for a lifetime. Inspired by the classical Italian theatrics of the Commedia dell'arte, Viaggio fuses modern-day acrobatics with the popular French-Canadian circus arts into a rich tapestry of song, dance, comedy, fantasy and awe-inspiring superhuman acts of strength, grace and agility. Luminous stage sets create a world where no color is too vivid and no dream is left unexplored. The result is a brilliantly choreographed journey that is "Simply Excellent," according to the headline in Panama City, Panama's Mi Diario newspaper.

Since its premiere performance in 1996, iL CiRCo has left a trail of standing ovations spanning the globe, after touring more than 14 countries on five continents. Having played to over 8 million people worldwide, Viaggio by iL CiRCo has truly evolved to become an international sensation.

Share the dream! Join the journey! Experience Viaggio by iL CiRCo today.

Cirque de la Mer

Cirque de la Mer takes guests on a journey to the island of Amphibia, where brightly colored Amphibians combine characteristics of humans and sea creatures. These whimsical creatures captivate the audience as they demonstrate their superhuman abilities through exhilarating acrobatic feats of strength and discipline.

This cirque-style avant-garde approach to theme park entertainment takes place in the Amphibitheatre, a stunning bayside backdrop designed to host the outrageous antics of our characters.

Each member of the international cast brings unique gifts from the circus arts. Like all our iL CiRCo productions, Cirque de la Mer features the highest level of talent with specialized, painstakingly honed skills. Their art is blended with imaginative costumes, sophisticated production elements and an intriguing story line.

The trapeze bungee, tumbling Mini Tramp, Chinese Poles and a giant Russian Swing (which catapults our performers sixty feet into Mission Bay) thrill SeaWorld's audiences! Imagination Entertainment's creative team premiered these water-based cirque-style feats in 2001 and we continually add exciting elements to the show. We also introduced the Zorb™ to the U.S. The Zorb™ is a huge transparent human-powered sphere that is a popular extreme sport activity in New Zealand and other countries. All of this provides the most uniquely creative entertainment experience ever offered in a theme park setting.

Cirque de la Mer is also available for special events at SeaWorld San Diego. If you are looking for a cutting-edge production that will add the sizzle to your San Diego program, look no further than SeaWorld and Cirque de la Mer.