Published Reviews of iL CiRCo

iL CiRCo Viaggio First Introduced in Venezuela!

August 22, 2011

The company first introduced in Venezuela and South America with its show yesterday Viaggio. Through Sunday you can attend the Teresa Carreno Theater to see the story of a girl lost in a carnival, played by Sasha Pivaral, acting in the circus world since the age of three. "The characters are introduced in the world. During the trip, she learned and familiar, to become one of them," said Amy Gale, general producer. Il Circo features 30 artists from different countries including Nelson Pivaral. "To enter a show like this you need a competitive level.

Viaggio Makes its Stop at the Teresa Carreno Theater

August 19, 2011

The journey began. Teresa Carreño Theater yesterday received Il Circo artists in their first appearances in the country, and then continue his tour of South America. Fantasy Viaggio theater is characterized by excellent execution of its artists, original music, creative lighting and technical resources used in props. Reyna Rios Ward saw the elasticity of the artists. They are so malleable that look like rubber and not of flesh and bones. Acrobats, magicians, trapeze artists, clowns, contortionists and other circus acts highlighted throughout the staging and astounded the public.

iL CiRCo Viaggio Mesmerizes Esplanade Audience

June 9, 2011

Dancers and acrobats perform as part of iL CiRCo Viaggio in the second of two performances at the Esplanade theatre on Tuesday night. More than 20 performers thrilled the audience with feats of strength, daring and impossible agility. The modern circus-style performance took Hatters on a child's journey through a dreamworld of fantasy and superhuman ability. Highlights included a gasp-inducing balancing act, an enchanted singer who towered over the stage and the comic capers of an unlikely movie director who drew three audience members onto the stage. 

If This Show Doesn't Make Your Jaw Drop, What Will?

May 31, 2011

A quick scamper through the 30th annual Northern Alberta International Children's Festival offers a non-stop flow of irresistible rhythms, flamboyant costumes and sparkling theatricality.

With Il Circo's cirque production Viaggio, the five-day festival that runs until Saturday, is now festooned with an added dash of glitz and glamour — an element that was missing in previous incarnations.

Watching the little ones laugh and run with delight through the carnival-like, tent city located on the banks of the Sturgeon River in downtown St. Albert, it's obvious the festival is an event that can transform lives — be it with music, theatre, puppetry, dance or mesmerizing storytelling.

Captivating Show in Saltillo

May 2, 2011

Auditorium Park of Wonders from one moment to another was a very different place.

Saltillo. The Carnival of Venice seized him with its magic and color.Then strangers in mask and flashy clothes, opened the door for more than five thousand spectators to a magical world: the Il Circo Viaggio, which yesterday had its first performance in Saltillo.

And it is this high quality circus led by an hour and a half the public in the country of laughter and amazement since its inception in the 20:47 hour point. The reason was the child celebrate their day, therefore, the State Government through the Volunteer of Coahuila brought this show, originating in the United States and has acrobats and actors from around the world. 

25,000 Celebrate Children's Day in Piedras Negras

May 2, 2011

 Piedras Negras, Coah .- Small, able to laugh, think, be a great message of peace, but above all, enjoyed a great Children's Day celebration at the start of the week of Joy, featuring the show of international stature.

The warm afternoon more than 40 degrees did not prevent children accompanied by their families, arrived at the Great Plaza, where a great safety device and four kiosks received them with gifts, water and sweets.

It was at about 18:00, when the celebration began with the peterete clown show, accompanied by three Payasitas.

Celebration of Children in Torreon

May 2, 2011

Torreon .- The State DIF place children in this part of Coahuila with a circus that drew applause from an audience of children ready for anything, to believe, to accompany the circus performers in their incredible flights to smile and enjoy the wonderful spectacle of human beings: the circus.

Torreon Celebrates Children at iL CiRCo

May 2, 2011

The fantasy was present yesterday in Torreon, hundreds of children enjoyed the show Il Circo Viaggio, as part of Children's Day celebrations. 

El Teatro Nazas looked at full capacity in the two functions that were offered, and although the delay to start lasted about an hour in the first show, attendees were amazed at the spectacle offered.

The first act of the event, organized by the state government, opened the curtains just before 17:00 pm, the children who attended from various primary schools in Torreón, I waited with neon lights that stood in the darkness that was in campus.

A girl with balloons and accompanied by her parents, was lit in the audience, then took the stage, the show had begun.

One of the Greatest Circus' in the World

April 28, 2011

Monclova, Coah .- One of the best circuses in the world, "Viaggio" was presented yesterday at the City Theatre before more than two thousand children who came for free in two performances of "Il Circo", bearing the name show.

The Viaggio save the purest essence of the art of juggling, dance, acrobatics and magic of the show itself is complemented by the voice of a young soprano, who intermittently, leaving the stage to accompany the 19 top artists level.

And is that a large majority of them come from the Cirque du Soleil and the Moscow Circus, two of the most prestigious in the world, so have much experience in each of the disciplines that play, besides that the nationalities are diverse, which enriches the show.

A World of Fantasy and Magic in iL CiRCo

January 30, 2011

When the curtain opens, the scene exudes magic: the lights are inviting a world of fantasy and circus acts defy the imagination.

When the curtain closes the magic does not disappear, moreover, is infused in each of the artists that gives life to Viaggio, Il Circo show presented today at the Palacio de los Deportes in Heredia.

Artists also have stories to tell, as surprising as they represent the same function before an audience that gives them plenty of applause.

One example is Alexander Fedortchev, a Russian trapeze artist was able to overcome a long battle with cancer, which today celebrates acting merit.