Ottavio was conceived in Malaysia, thus his Asian influence. It all happened when the troupe was playing a series of shows in Kahlua Lumpur and our costume designer found some stunning handmade fabrics that we just had to buy. From there we developed Ottavio's beautiful mask, with the help of an amazing artist out of Chicago who specializes in hand-making leather masks from the Commedia. Ottavio was immortalized when we created an identical replica of him that is now a permanent part of the group of puppets that live inside of the skirts of Marionetta. The puppets are actually quite stunning, and their puppet theater is part of a massive costume known as Marionetta, one of the most renowned characters of Viaggio by iL CiRCo. You have to keep up with Ottavio, because he moves fast. He's quirky, and his nervous energy always manifests itself in doing all kinds of tricks, from juggling to balancing. Ottavio has grown to be a modern day court jester, always entertaining!