One of the Greatest Circus' in the World

April 28, 2011

Monclova, Coah .- One of the best circuses in the world, "Viaggio" was presented yesterday at the City Theatre before more than two thousand children who came for free in two performances of "Il Circo", bearing the name show.

The Viaggio save the purest essence of the art of juggling, dance, acrobatics and magic of the show itself is complemented by the voice of a young soprano, who intermittently, leaving the stage to accompany the 19 top artists level.

And is that a large majority of them come from the Cirque du Soleil and the Moscow Circus, two of the most prestigious in the world, so have much experience in each of the disciplines that play, besides that the nationalities are diverse, which enriches the show.

Almost two hours in which involves the audience in the atmosphere of the story of a girl who begins a fantastic journey from the hand of harlequins, clowns and acrobats, as her dream is to become one of them.

This is the artist's proposal "Viaggio", unlike the conventional traveling circuses or have a number after another, because in this show the core is the story revolves around the protagonist and has a sequence.

The music and colors flooded the stage of the City during the event sponsored by the State DIF, whose president, Charles Llaguno de Torres, was coordinated with the city of Monclova.

But the story is not told only by the artists, because on several occasions interacted with the public, children and adults to involve them in unusual magic of "Viaggio".

And one of the eleven events that most impact young and old was "Rolla ball", a young acrobat who performs juggling on metal cylinders placed on a table.


Kevin is the clown of Cirque Viaggio, a native of Los Angeles and who confesses that he does not speak Spanish, but that is no impediment to transmit its artistic essence when you are on stage.

"For art there are no barriers or social differences, nationalities and no matter that we speak different languages, it is extraordinary that, we can share what we know yet," said Kevin for Zocalo Monclova.

It takes 30 years working in the circus and has held various roles, now is the clown in the show and says he enjoys his work very much: "The importance of the show is to share with family because children need to learn, feel, and wonder what we want to do. "

And the story of "Il Circo" he adds, is just about a girl who wants to be part of the magic of the harlequins and acrobats for the sensitivity with which he sees the world: "It is a very appropriate for children who dream , so do not stop, "he concluded.

'Show first level'

Happy with the response of families from Coahuila, and is said to Mrs. Carlota Torres Llaguno after Circo Viaggio presentation last night at Monclova.

"It's very satisfying to bring this show to our small class in the" Night of Joy ", which are carried out events and activities within Children's Day," he said.

He added that the circus in Piedras Negras was attended by 25 thousand people, and Monclova attended by over two thousand.