Pushing the Limits of Extreme Outdoor Corporate Events

April 10, 2013
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iL CiRCo Performance Troupe Goes "Coastal"An extreme event, using the Terranea Resort as the prop and set. We recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with our friends from ShowTec for a 36o Destination Group event at the lovely Terranea Resort. This event really stands out for us in terms of the fun we had executing it and the energy level felt by everyone involved.  The 36o Destination Group not only produced this event, but captured the evening on video... you have to check this out! Producer Amy Gale: “Our goal was to provide acrobatic entertainment to match the theme: “Coastal Extreme.”  It allowed us to go very modern with custom urban themed music and edgy costuming.  We spiked the cocktail party with roaming performers – jumping stilts and BMX riders - to establish high energy among the guests from the get go. For the actual acrobatic performances, we took advantage of the existing building structures, using the permanent hotel stairs and landings for our Parkour troupe while using the upper balcony for the 30+ tall balancing act. Taking the act to extra heights allowed all guests an unobstructed view.” We are grateful to 36o Destination Group for capturing our performances on video.  You can see our Chinese Poles, consisting of our two tandem rigs and performers in two locations on the lawn; the ‘Extreme Heights’ Balancing Act – on the upper balcony; Aerial Straps and 3 LED-adorned Aerial Bungee performers.  Our Parkour troupe performed on the pathways and the building itself, literally turning the event upside down" ShowTec’s Senior Event Designer, Janice Dodge: “This event was 10 months in the making.  It is such a rush to see all the hard work from a great team finally come together.  We really value the artistic camaraderie that develops with the Imagination Team.  We can say to Imagination: ‘Here’s your inspiration and here’s your venue: create something fabulous,’ and then work together to maneuver through the logistic challenges to ensure the show is a success.   Amy really stretched the impact by cross-utilizing performers and ending the night with a finale parade of cast members leading guests to the after-party dance space. As the event was outdoors - spread over several connected spaces, my favorite part was having so many guests approach me between acts to ask, ‘Please tell me where the next performance will pop up so I don’t miss it!  This is so much fun!’  The backdrop of the ocean view, beautiful landscape, and contrast of sleek, industrial ‘extreme’ styled décor, combined with ambient lighting and stellar performance made for an amazing end result!  Happy guests, happy clients, happy team. That’s always a win.”