One month - 10 performers - 6 shows a week: iL CiRCo takes part in Guadalajara's largest annual event: Fiestas de Octubre

November 22, 2013
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We were honored to be invited to join the biggest annual celebration in Guadalajara, Mexico: the city sponsored "Fiestas de Octubre", a month long celebration that brings many top performers to town.  

We were asked to deliver an iL CiRCo show in residence! Six 40 minute shows a week, four weeks running. While this is a dream come true for all performers, it also presents its challenges.

Producer Amy Gale: "I had to cast carefully to ensure that the whole cast of 10 performers was available for the whole time period so that we could build our show for the duration.  

Once the cast was established, we had 7 top acts performed by 10 acrobats. Clearing the schedule for so many top performers proved difficult and I am grateful everyone made the time!

We had to ship all equipment by air to Guadalajara. It made financial sense since we were in place for so long. Furthermore, we presented 7 very distinct acrobatic acts, just as exciting as our full-scale touring show “Viaggio – by iL CiRCo” but less cumbersome for travel, so we could reduce the equipment list tremendously without compromising the quality and excitement of the performance."

Technical director and acrobat Steve Gale: "All performances, except for an opening day street parade, took place in the Auditorium Benito Juárez, an amazing venue.  It felt like "home" after a few shows.

We loved performing for this audience. They were infectious with their response and passion.

Two days really stand out for us. One performance we did for a group of special need children who attended the Fiestas and Dia de los Muertos.

We got help from our local friends and performed in full Day of the Dead make up. The audience cheered as we walked in!"

In order to stay in shape for the daily performances, the acrobats took it easy with their regular workout routines. Steve: "I was training for the Tough Mudder course in Southern California but only ran a total of 49 miles during my time in Guadalajara. It's all about managing your energy and preserving your strength. Daily pole performance is quite a workout in itself. We all planned carefully how to stay fit and avoid any injuries."

And our troupe had fun! 

Amy Gale: "We are lucky to not just be colleagues but also great friends. Our iL CiRCO troupe is like a family and some members are actually real family.

Working and room mating together for a month comes easy to us. Instead of staying in hotel rooms, we selected vacation apartments. It felt a lot more like home for such a long time and we had kitchens so we could cook for ourselves.

Having this time together gave us a chance to dream up new routines and acts we can't wait to show you! We also made great friends in Guadalajara."

Our client was so thrilled with the continous audience reaction that they videotaped nearly every performance and provided us with this beautiful show reel.

Gracias! We are grateful for the wonderful experience and can't wait to come back.