Introducing Our New “Celebration Station” - Aerial Serving with Flair!

May 1, 2013
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IE is happy to announce a new event tool that will add that element of “wow” and surprise to your next affair: the Celebration Station.

Developed and created by IE’s multi-talented Steve Gale (aerial artist, rigger, photographer, and welder), these serving stations utilize the mystique and artistry of an aerial performance without a need for venue rigging!  Your guests will be dazzled as the server-artists rise to new heights and create a unique and gorgeous atmosphere.

Sam Trego: “We know that we constantly have to renew ourselves and create new surprises to keep guests happy and entertained. We have seen singers like Pink and Madonna incorporating aerial acts into their stage shows with great success.  We can bring this show element to your dinner or reception, adding an enormous entertainment value to any concept that will certainly make your guests remember the night.”

The ground-based station is a self-contained aerial entertainment/serving rig designed to host any infusion of food, gift bags, or libations.  If it can be served, poured, handed out, drizzled or sprinkled - we have an exciting way of delivering the fare.  The rig can also double as an aerial mount to utilize your venue’s aerial space and make an outstanding entertainer focal point.  Singers, musicians, and acrobats can easily be showcased to deliver signature show elements.  Either outfitted with customized canopy/skirt linens to match your event theme or simply undressed, for an edgy, yet chic look, our beautiful station will blend perfectly with all other event facets.  Recent show integrations such as a bond girl serving vodka, a disco ball with a dancer handing out mirror ball key chains, a ‘Moulin Rouge’ singer on a trapeze, or the look of a circus tent with a cotton-candy serving aerialist are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our Celebration station’s versatility!