IE is Flying High at the San Diego Polo Fields

May 29, 2013

While flying through the air on a customized, free-standing trapeze, guests at the San Diego Polo fields had the time of their lives last week, as they swung, tumbled, and soared through the trapeze lessons given by Imagination Entertainment’s Ultimate Trapeze School.  Dreams came to life as guests had the opportunity to work with a trapeze-master, and for one moment feel the thrill of being a circus performer!  We are so excited that we were able to make this spectacular experience available to the guests of this event. 

Sam Trego: “This is really what Imagination Entertainment is all about: creating that special, unique, and unforgettable experience.”Our own Steve Gale captured and created a fantastic time-lapse video of the setup and high-flying action of the trapeze.Click below to view! call for more details and booking!Peggy Jewell: 619-640-6500x8Email: