IE’s Acrobazia Delights Audiences at the AEP Worldwide Conference in Las Vegas!

June 18, 2013

iL CiRCo act “Acrobazia” – French-Canadian artists Jean-François Martel and Christian Paquet – delivered two sets that thrilled the audience at Monday’s showcase.

First up, Jean-François Martel’s solo act “The Mystic Cube” combined strength, handling a 6-foot tall cube, and grace, and drew gasps from a room full of entertainment professionals.

Returning to the stage for their hand-to-hand set, the duo performed their highly physical dual balancing act. The room went quiet and guests watched in amazement as Jean-François and Christian executed the gravity and human strength defying stunts.

Pam Navarre and Peggy Jewell received tremendous feedback from the showcase back at the Imagination Entertainment tradeshow booth.

Pam Navarre:  “It’s great because the audience had a very short, but very high-impact entertainment experience.  They discovered a perfect fit for general sessions and evening banquets alike”. 

Sam Trego: “The AEP Worldwide event has become a valuable opportunity to meet with a small, but powerful group of event entertainment buyers and producers.  The annual showcase continues to attract top acts from around the country and there, we can really look at great new talent from our client’s perspective.” 

He is the AEP’s former Chairman of the Board but was unfortunately unable to attend the event this year, due to another event booking.  “I knew the showcase was a hit when I got a sudden barrage of emails, photos, and text messages from clients with the subject line:  Wow!”  Thanks to some modern technological wizardry, Sam made a cameo appearance and “worked the booth” via Skype, where he posed with some of the industry legends, Peter Berliner, Corine Couwenberg, and Janet Elkins.  Sam stated, “It was great to hang out with dear friends… even if it was only virtually.”