Focus on the Talent: Jacob "Kujo" Lyons

March 6, 2013

We are happy to present our new Chinese Pole artist Jacob "Kujo" Lyons whose premiere performance with iL CiRCo took place in February during our Acapulco show.  

Jacob met Steve Gale during a pole workshop recently.  His talent was so obvious that we hired him on the spot.  Sam Trego: "The minute I met Kujo and began working with him, I knew he had a gift.  I honestly didn’t know his story until after we were well into rehearsals!  Kujo brings an enormous amount of character and animation to the role he plays in the Viaggio tour, and we are thrilled with the newest member of our troupe!” "What story?" you may ask.  Jacob "Kujo" Lyons is a famous, professional break-dancer who achieved two decades of global success despite having been born with significant hearing loss.  Kujo: "Hearing loss is an invisible disability.  Throughout the vast majority of my career, I've kept quiet about my hearing loss, as there's an inevitable, though not always conscious, stigma associated with deafness.  And though I still pretend that my hearing is just fine, more than I care to admit, I did finally find an outlet through which I could be open about my experiences.  ILL-Abilities Crew is a b-boy/breakdance crew comprised exclusively of five world-class b-boys, each of whom happens to be differently-abled, and each of whom resides in a different part of the world.  Our motto is "No Excuses, No Limits," as we believe that our minds - specifically, our self-talk - can be our most powerful enabling or disabling tool.  We demonstrate the power of this motto in a variety of ways.  We do a little bit of everything - breakdance competitions, theatrical productions, workshops, and motivational speaking." “No Excuses, No Limits" motivates all of us and we are proud to welcome Kujo into the iL CiRCo family