Focus on the Talent: Diane Wasnak, aka Baby Electra

February 5, 2013

Diane Wasnak is getting ready to prepare a steak treat for her favorite performing sidekick, Bonzer the dog, who turns 12 this month.  While Bonzer is getting ready to retire from show life, Diane has no such plans.

Diane’s “Baby on a Bike” act has been delighting audiences in ‘Viaggio’ since 1998.  Her onstage energy is infectious and leaves audiences astounded by Diane’s stamina and expert clowning as “Baby Electra”.

Diane Wasnak: "I came to acrobatics rather late in life.  I started training for high power acrobatics at age 28!!  It goes to show you that you can fulfill your dreams any time.  I met Sam Trego after working with Cirque du Soleil and he hired me for my ‘Baby on a Bike’ act..."

As Baby Electra, Diane unleashes her precocious, unpredictable inner child.  Arriving onstage looking for "Papa", Diane brings an unsuspecting audience member into the spotlight and gets him to shake his booty to a funky tune, while Diane performs bike stunts around him.  Diane's comic genius turns this interactive, comedic act into an audience favorite.

Sam Trego: "…Baby Electra is part Lucille Ball and part June Cleaver and always hilarious.  What we love so much about Diane's act is her ability to involve the guest as ‘Papa’ in a hilarious fashion, but without ever being disrespectful to him. Everyone has a great time."