The Musical Score

With all the e-mail and positive feedback we have received about the musical soundtrack of our shows, we wanted to create a space here where friends and fans can learn more about the music of Viaggio and Cirque de la Mer.

Sam Trego, the show's creator, and Bobby Nafarrete began their musical collaboration in 1996. Since then, their CDs have sold nearly a million copies worldwide. Bobby Nafarrete is a composer, arranger, keyboardist, musical director and MIDI specialist. He received a bachelor of music degree in commercial composition and arranging at California State University, Fullerton, and a master of fine arts in musical theatre writing at NYU/Tisch School of the Arts. Bobby's recent works include creating musical arrangements for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The musical soundtrack to Viaggio was written over a five-year period as new acts were developed and as the story of the show was refined. Much of what the artists contributed to the show made its way into the character of the music and we believe that's what makes the music so special. It's been described as a tapestry of world beat music, infused with infectious rhythms and musical themes orchestrated in a more classic theatrical style of musical presentation. The music on this CD soundtrack, like the story of Viaggio, comes full circle. Musical themes are presented, repeated with variations, played in counterpoint, taking you on a very rich musical journey that brings you right back "home" at the end. You'll get goose bumps listening to the CD. Audiences around the globe have called this a musical tour de force.

The soundtrack for Viaggio by iL CiRCo can be downloaded on iTunes, or purchased online at The CD for our sister show, Cirque de la Mer, is available exclusively through SeaWorld Parks.

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