iL CiRCo Brings Broadway and Las Vegas Style Show to Venezuela

August 1, 2011

An unprecedented circus, very different in concept to those who until now have occurred in Venezuela, and in which converge the elements of this type of show, with the aesthetics of the Broadway musical, La Vegas and Italian commedia dell'arte, is one that will perform at the Sala José Felix Ribas del Teatro Teresa Carreño, from 18 to 21 August.

These are the characteristics of Il Circo or the U.S. company, from San Diego, California, closely related in form to the famous Cirque du Soleil, but with its own personality, according to what stated in a press conference yesterday, Thomas Francis and Tomás Enrique Medina, Showtime Productions, the company that brings them to our country and will also take to Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile and Argentina.

The show brings Il Circo Viaggio has the name (Travel), he explained, after presenting a colorful audiovisual journalists with the most striking moment, 'an original work of Sam Trego, who founded the company 16 years ago. They combine juggling, acrobatics, clowns and balancing, designed with a high aesthetic sense.

Viaggio traces the journey of a girl into a fantasy world, populated with amazing characters, all within sight of the Carnival of Venice, with music specially composed by Trego, as he always does for every performance of the company.

Will be 30 people on stage for two hours show, with an intermission of 20 minutes, in a setting designed for the whole family.

Tickets, which are already on sale at the box office of Teatro Teresa Carreño and the portal, ranging between 180 and 650 strong bolivar.