Hartmann Studios

Nicole Avnet
What a wonderful sight it was to see the beaming smiles of the children on stage, mirrored by their glowing parents! Your team was truly top-notch, from start to finish – you truly understood and exceeded all expectations, a testament to your experience, know-how and professionalism. You made the day stress-free for my team and myself, blew away the client and raised the bar for how a successful program can be run – flawlessly! We have worked with other circus groups to try and create a program tailored to children in a conference-oriented environment. In the past, we’ve encountered challenges in pre-production, communication, and a lack of the professionalism we expect in a business forum. You bridged the gap so often found when children’s activities are brought into a business context by marrying endless fun for the children with a degree of sophistication that our corporate clients expect. It has truly been a pleasure working with your team, and I hope we can continue this partnership in the future!