Celebration of Children in Torreon

May 2, 2011

Torreon .- The State DIF place children in this part of Coahuila with a circus that drew applause from an audience of children ready for anything, to believe, to accompany the circus performers in their incredible flights to smile and enjoy the wonderful spectacle of human beings: the circus.

 Mrs. Charlotte Llaguno Torres, president of DIF state gave a press conference where he reported on the gift that the state government gave the children of several municipalities of Coahuila, yesterday at the Teatro Nazas. . More than a thousand children enjoyed the circus artists Viaggio composed of various nationalities, gasp at the stunts of artists in the posts they held an imaginary tent, they were astonished with the metal ring circus, smiled at the short history of the couple in the rain and enjoyed the day accompanied by their parents, siblings and teachers. 

The circus show circus feeds Viaggio Chinese in Beijing, the New Age concept of post-modern circus, the American circus of the sun, without forgetting the more traditional circus that is the pursuit of astonishment of the audience with juggling outside reality . 

Another aspect of the circus of all time is the ingenuity of the artist conveys the innocence of the clown, of Columbus, the public accepts that game of imagination that is able to transport all her magical world to impossible.  

The human body is made of plastic for those working in the circus, he can throw from the top of a mast and get healthy on the floor.

The human body is capable of illuminating colors and a stage with grace and candor.

If any kind of circus is appealing to children, a circus class, first world like this is a huge party worthy of telling over and over again to children who did not attend the theater to be there in the dark and shake the little green or red, smile, almost without limit, seeing things that no one can do in the playground of the school and say that was also there at the right time of the great circus. 

What makes Viaggio magical circus? For every circus has its trick, a triumph for their animals, others for their magicians, clowns or other, for the live music that always accompanies them, or your master of ceremonies. 

 Viaggio invites children to imagine, is based on the expertise of the theater of the body and color.  

The show is first rate, from the outset, to the farewell, no time to breathe, is a number after another, one gimmick after another, and the fun is in trying to learn how do to challenge the resistance materials that hold you in the wind, or while turning supported only by a ring. 

The children were fascinated at all times.Viaggio circus idea of ​​being honest on stage and offer surprises, each number ranging from less to more and ending climax, the circus is an expert in handling the feelings of the viewer, do juggling, with mastery of each part of each number, are specialists in a way to surprise the viewer. 

Viaggio circus idea of ​​being honest on stage and offer surprises. The children were fascinated at all times, they knew it would be a circus, but had no idea of ​​the beautiful, incredible and amazing that would Viaggio Circus. The circus is an expert in handling the feelings of the viewer.