Captivating Show in Saltillo

May 2, 2011

Auditorium Park of Wonders from one moment to another was a very different place.

Saltillo. The Carnival of Venice seized him with its magic and color.Then strangers in mask and flashy clothes, opened the door for more than five thousand spectators to a magical world: the Il Circo Viaggio, which yesterday had its first performance in Saltillo.

And it is this high quality circus led by an hour and a half the public in the country of laughter and amazement since its inception in the 20:47 hour point. The reason was the child celebrate their day, therefore, the State Government through the Volunteer of Coahuila brought this show, originating in the United States and has acrobats and actors from around the world. 

 Il Circo Viaggio is the approach of a girl at the circus, in the midst of Carnival of Venice. And in it, nine acrobatic acts and comedy filled with excitement to young and old in Saltillo. 

 To begin, three acrobats showed his strength by doing lots of post to another; contortions surprised they left the children could not stop marveling at each of the movements of these men.

On a large metal ring another acrobatic play with balance, walking around the stage. Then a woman hanging from wires and made the public look to the sky and see how challenging the fear in a delicate dance. 

Another was balancing on one hand and movements extremely difficult. But laughter is a very important part because there were acts of harlequins and a giant baby who led a very strange cycle. 

 There were also those who made huge money and jumping on trampolines complication, or curtains hanging from a beautiful aerial dance performed, until the girl enters the world of the circus is a contortionist who left with his mouth open more than one . Thus, between acts are difficult to execute and moments of humor, the circus left a pleasant memory between Saltillo.