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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

iL CiRCo closed its 5-night run of shows last night and we all hope to be back soon in this gorgeous beach town. We are happy to report that all went really well and we say "Gracias" to our local staff. 

We are grateful for some of the comments we received!

Daniel Maximilian von Thurn; what a wonderful show in Acapulco! i enjoyed it a lot! come back soon!

Aidee Flores Castro: Fantástico Show, mi familia completa fuimos a verlos el sabado a Forum Mundo Imperial, FELICIDADES A TOOODOS SUS ARTISTAS

Monica Noyola: Fue lo máximo! En verdad muchas gracias por venir a Acapulco!!!

Sam Trego: "This was iL CiRCo's first visit to Acapulco and we were blown away...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Guatemalans Excited to Welcome Home Nelson Pivaral

Our international troupe of artists and crew – 28 in all – are packing their suitcases for iL CiRCo's first tour of Guatemala.

Sam Trego: "We have been wanting to come to Guatemala for a long time. Viaggio has been a great success in Latin countries from Mexico to Venezuela. The story of Hope and Inspiration works well in any culture and any language. We have literally seen every age in the audience, from 2 to 92 years old. The show speaks to them in different ways and it will change your idea of what Circus is. Viaggio has lots of heart and lots of laughter!"

With it's Broadway style scene, story line and music, Viaggio even redefines the role of the Clown and it will be a new experience for...

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Creating custom cards is always a big deal for us here at iL CiRCo and Imagination Entertainment.  We always try to create a card that speaks well to our beloved friends, performers and clients and this year we think we hit the jackpot with our card that features the star of iL CiRCo, Sasha Pivaral, and the cast of iL CiRCo at the Oregon State Fair. 

2011 was filled with travel to exotic places all over the globe, and our tour of the Northwest this year was quite special because it was so close to home, yet enabled us to meet new people and bring our show to people who have never seen us before.

"I fell in love with this picture the minute I saw it" said Artistic Director Sam Trego. "Steve Gale caught a beatiful expression on the face of our cast members,...

Thursday, November 17, 2011

We are very happy to announce that iL CiRCo performer Sasha Pivaral was honored with the Silver Lion Award during the very prestigious 13th China Wuqiao International Circus Festival(CWICF) that was held in the provincial capital Shijiazhuang last month. Wuqiao, one of the three top international circus competitions in the world, allows only 17 chosen acts to compete for the Lions. Just getting invited to perform at the 9-day event is an honor. Taking home Silver is a wonderful and well deserved honor for Sasha. 

Sasha stars in “Viaggio” with her parents, Goulia and Nelson. The Pivarals are a success story unto themselves in the world of acrobatics and they credit their tight family support unit for their success. We are glad to have them as a part of our iL CiRCo...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

For the first time ever, this past Labor Day Weekend our traveling band of acrobats brought "Viaggio" to a State Fair; performing two 60-minute shows daily for 11 days straight at the Oregon State Fair. And according to longterm circus member, performer and technical director Steve Gale, the experience was just as wonderful for them as for the audience.

"Performing at a State Fair was such a natural fit for our show. After all, artistic and acrobatic acts originated centuries ago as traveling attractions at European carnivals and coming to Salem felt like coming home in a way. It allowed us to bring "Viaggio" to a brand new audience. Being part of the fair attractions allowed many families who would not necessarily be able to afford such show ticket prices to experience...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The cast of iL CiRCo arrived to Beirut, Lebanon to begin their holiday engagement at the stunning Casino du Liban. The show will run December 17th through December 30th. The show will feature their full cast of dynamically talented acrobats, clowns, tumblers, aerialists, and of course our child star Sasha Pivaral. Producer Sam Trego says that this cast is a real treat for we are featuring Broadways star Cinda Ramseur in the leading role of Marionetta.

“Cinda was the original voice of Marionetta on our cast recording CD but we have never had the opportunity to actually cast her in the role as she’s always busy touring with various productions” Sam said. “After hearing the CD for so many years, and hearing that amazing voice, it’s a wonderful treat to have her with us!” Of course...

Thursday, October 14, 2010
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While the national mentality has tended to demonize the holding of celebrations of all sorts in the last couple of years, Imagination Entertainment and iL CiRCo Productions recently bucked the trend by taking company executives for a retreat to Costa Rica to celebrate the 10th anniversary of employees Sandi Cottrell and Amy Gale. With 10 years, literally thousands of shows in numerous countries, there was much to celebrate and some amazing stories to tell during our time together.

We caught Sandi Cottrell just as she was about to take the final plunge down a zip line deep into the jungle, and she said, "Costa Rica was an amazing place and we couldn’t have had a more fun group! It takes a trip to Central America to accomplish such things as creating our new team...