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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

File this one under “everything old is new again!”  Here at Imagination Entertainment, our trending alerts point to a fun old/new way of integrating circus into special events:  Vintage Carnival.  Enter:  “Carnival Circa” – by the iL CiRCo troupe. Vintage Carnival meets Sideshow with this retro-inspired vision of circus events.  Painstakingly-restored authentic vintage circus props set the stage where exotic characters and classic acts evoke childhood memories of carefree fun and amazement. Take a look at this quick video of some events we’ve recently done - and call us to let us know how we can bring any or all of these elements to your next event.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

50 years after the British Invasion, the Beatles songbook is as relevant as ever. Paul McCartney is touring the world and Ringo Starr just dropped a new album. We are celebrating the anniversary of Beatles mania our way - by giving the world famous songs contemporary musical arrangements and creating a fresh acrobatic production worthy of global success. Imagination Entertainment is proud to present: “Beatles– by iL CiRCo” Producer

Amy Gale: "This production is a work of passion for us. We all grew up listening to the Beatles. Their music truly spans the globe and generations. We have had the privilege of performing the show several times this year. Every audience was thrilled - regardless of age and geography. For us, it is so much fun to perform to this incredible music in our...

Friday, November 22, 2013
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We were honored to be invited to join the biggest annual celebration in Guadalajara, Mexico: the city sponsored "Fiestas de Octubre", a month long celebration that brings many top performers to town.  

We were asked to deliver an iL CiRCo show in residence! Six 40 minute shows a week, four weeks running. While this is a dream come true for all performers, it also presents its challenges.

Producer Amy Gale: "I had to cast carefully to ensure that the whole cast of 10 performers was available for the whole time period so that we could build our show for the duration.  

Once the cast was established, we had 7 top acts performed by 10 acrobats. Clearing the schedule for so many top performers proved difficult and I am grateful everyone made the time!


Wednesday, August 14, 2013
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We are so proud and excited for our iL CiRCo family member Timber Brown! He rocked Radio City Music Hall last night during America's Got Talent with his amazing aerial performance. Even Howard Stern was on his feet!

Check out the video and vote for Timber!







Friday, July 12, 2013
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We just discovered this video from our shows in Greece!

Here at Imagination Entertainment, we are so fortunate to be able to travel throughout the world with our signature shows.  iL CiRCo is such a show and Greece is one of the wonderful countries we have been lucky enough to visit.  In December of 2012, our Executive Producer, Amy Gale, and our talented troupe of iL CiRCo artists traveled to the city of Thessaloniki to perform a series of shows at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall.  The first two shows were for an audience of only children and the final shows were for all ages.  The vimeo clip we are sharing was just recently posted on YouTube by our very happy clients and we couldn’t be more pleased to show this to you.  Check out Amy’s interview! She is...

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

iL CiRCo act “Acrobazia” – French-Canadian artists Jean-François Martel and Christian Paquet – delivered two sets that thrilled the audience at Monday’s showcase.

First up, Jean-François Martel’s solo act “The Mystic Cube” combined strength, handling a 6-foot tall cube, and grace, and drew gasps from a room full of entertainment professionals.

Returning to the stage for their hand-to-hand set, the duo performed their highly physical dual balancing act. The room went quiet and guests watched in amazement as Jean-François and Christian executed the gravity and human strength defying stunts.

Pam Navarre and Peggy Jewell received tremendous feedback from the showcase back at the Imagination Entertainment tradeshow booth.

Pam Navarre:  “It’s great because...

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

IE’s Pam Navarre and Peggy Jewell will be attending the Association of Entertainment Professionals (AEP) Worldwide Conference in Las Vegas. This 3 day event brings together buyers and sellers from all facets of the entertainment industry.  Program includes industry business trends, social networking, artist showcases - iL CiRCO's Acrobazia perform on the 17th - and educational sessions. Come visit us at Booth Number 8! 

We will be showcasing the extraordinary hand-to-hand duo, “Acrobazia” from our iL CiRCo troupe. Christian Paquet and Jean-François Martel will perform their unbelievable 8 minute act on Monday June 17th.   Please click here to view the performance video. Password: showtime (all lower case). If you...