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Acrobatic-Dance Circus Headlines St. Albert Kids Festival

June 10, 2011

EDMONTON - Fifteen years ago an enterprising singer/dancer/director with a certain instinctive savvy about producing turned his attention to the world of circus.

Michigan-born Sam Trego had been on the road in musicals since he was 15. He’d been a “commercial music and composition” major (business minor) at university. And he’d already chalked up major credentials into custom-making unique special events for big corporations and mega-resorts in Vegas.

Run Away With the Circus

June 7, 2011

Many people can remember the warning not to run away with the circus but in the case of iL CiRCo founder Sam Trego, "I didn't listen."

The company's Viaggio show takes to the stage Tuesday June 7 at the Esplanade in what Trego promises to be a spectacular event for Hatters old and young alike.

The comparisons between iL CiRCo and Cirque du Soleil may be obvious but Trego said his show is no imitator to the Quebec-based troupe, rather a contemporary.

He said iL CiRCo performed its first major show in 1996, building on Trego's experience of stage and dance productions and incorporating the acrobatic traditions of circus.

Cirque Spectacle Explodes at Children's Fest!

June 6, 2011

Judging by online videos and reviews, iL CiRCo, the Northern Alberta International Children's Festival headline act, is prepped to create an adrenalin rush like no other.

Gravity-defying aerial feats, eye-popping contortionism, graceful acrobatics and astounding acts of balance, not to mention bold costumes and an original score are all part of iL CiRCo's Viaggio, meaning journey in Italian.

The San Diego-based cirque extravaganza is unlike anything ever programmed in the festival's 30-year history, and Viaggio runs May 31 to June 4 at the Arden Theatre.

iL CiRCo's Viaggio is Where 'Dance Meets Acrobatics Meets the Theater'

May 31, 2011

Festival PREVIEW

iL CiRCo's Viaggio

30th Annual International Children's Festival

Where: Arden Theater, 5 St. Anne Street, St. Albert

Running: Tuesday through Saturday

Tickets: 780-459-1542 or Ticketmaster (780-451-8000,

Fifteen years ago, an enterprising singer/dancer/director with a certain instinctive savvy about producing turned his attention to the world of circus.

Children’s Festival Set to Shine for 30th Birthday!

May 27, 2011

Organizers of the International Children’s Festival are in the midst of preparing to put on a very special show for their 30th anniversary year — the circus is coming to town.

Nancy Abrahamson, the festival’s director, said that il Circo’s Viaggio cirque is a new format for the festival, one that offers a big scale show for families that may not have seen cirques before.

“Because it’s a mile stone birthday, we’re thrilled to be able to present this French Canadian-style cirque,” Abrahamson said. “It is above and beyond what we normally do, and I think we normally do a great job — this will be even bigger.”

Magic Circus in Saltillo

May 2, 2011

A most impressive sight today comes Wonderland Park Auditorium to celebrate children saltillenses

 Saltillo. To start the trip only need to have ready the imagination, for hundreds of toddlers saltillenses today begin a journey full of magic with Il Circo Viaggio. Celebrate the sense of wonder of children in their day. 

Therefore, the Auditorium Park of Wonders will dress in color and for a few hours will be a completely different world, where strange and friendly characters tell a story that is sure to delight and filled with emotion at all. Imaginations will move to a place far away where the government is the carnival. 

iL CiRCo in Villahermosa

May 2, 2011

The circus will be presented for the first time on 30 June at the Esperanza Iris Theater, in times of 7:00 and 9:30 pm.

Dominguez, informed that the entity will be presented at international show. Formed by a splendid cast of artists and acrobats first arrive at Esperanza Iris Theater, June 30, the international show Il Circo Viaggio their production, said the Outreach Coordinator of the State Institute of Culture (IEC), Norma Dominguez of God. 

The official said the cost of the ticket to attend this spectacle of international stature, will be 700 pesos on the first floor of the hall and 500 in the second. 

iL CiRCo Viaggio: A Fantasy Made History

May 2, 2011

As a celebration of April 30 Coahuila children enjoy a free international show.

PIEDRAS NEGRAS .- The story of a girl who takes a fantasy journey begins with the audience when the lights are going to become a display of color and fantasy, so Il Circo Viaggio in less than two hours to go a world music, dance, acrobatics, humor and magic.

The show will travel Coahuila to celebrate Children's Day began its journey in Piedras Negras to about 15 thousand people who gathered at the Great Plaza, performing for free, being that the cost usually comes to 250 pesos.

Over 20 Thousand Attended iL CiRCo Viaggio in Piedras Negras

April 27, 2011

Piedras Negras, Coah .- More than 20 thousand people attended the show tonight Il Circo Viaggio in Piedras Negras, an event organized by the State DIF chaired by Mrs. Carlos Llaguno of Governor Jorge Torres and Torres.

In the Gran Plaza de Piedras Negras with a total order and very safe the event started promptly at 8.30 pm with world class circus.

Governor Jorge Torres previously welcomed and invited thousands of attendees to enjoy the show.

The event was attended by the mayors of Piedras Negras Oscar López, Alberto Aguirre Acuña and the five communes of the region and Carbonífiera Springs.

A Celebration for Children in Coahuila

April 8, 2011

il Circo Viaggio garnish the holidays for children with a completely free international show in different regions of the state.

The Chair of Volunteers, and DIF Coahuila, Carlota Torres Llaguno announced that Joy Week begins April 26 in Piedras Negras, Monclova 27, 28 in Torreón and Saltillo 30.

He stressed that the party circus Viaggio has a great reputation, a ticket in the United States reached about $ 100, and in the cities of Piedras Negras, Monclova and Torreon will gratuitito, except the two functions programmed to Saltillo, which cost entry will benefit the Casa Cuna.

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