25,000 Celebrate Children's Day in Piedras Negras

May 2, 2011

 Piedras Negras, Coah .- Small, able to laugh, think, be a great message of peace, but above all, enjoyed a great Children's Day celebration at the start of the week of Joy, featuring the show of international stature.

The warm afternoon more than 40 degrees did not prevent children accompanied by their families, arrived at the Great Plaza, where a great safety device and four kiosks received them with gifts, water and sweets.

It was at about 18:00, when the celebration began with the peterete clown show, accompanied by three Payasitas.

Then, small nigropetenses and northern Coahuila got a great message of peace and culture that can live better thanks to the play "The World of Terrecilla" presented by the Theatre Group of the House of Arts , directed by maestro Víctor Jiménez.

The sun's rays gradually eased, while the big picture still showed the great local talent and now small as Yamilé and Jose Alfredo who captivated with their beautiful voices.. And the clock struck 20:30 and after a big compliment by the state governor, Jorge Torres, the show Il Circo Viaggio ranked as the best in the world, began. 

Many viewers still had no place to see the circus known, quickened their pace and they settled down to the ground to appreciate the great show that has been presented in different parts of the globe.

A girl appeared on stage at the circus and the same characters, then created a world of fantasy, color, dance and music to it.

Colorful silhouettes surprised by breathtaking acrobatics to the music, giving way to another acrobat in a hoop spinning. 

 Seek to promote family togetherness

Promote family unity in difficult times not only nationally but also internationally, is the main purpose of events such as the role of Il Viaggio di circus and a week of joy, which began in Piedras Negras, the president said in an interview Volunteer DIF and Coahuila, Carlota Torres Llaguno. He stressed that the union of more than 25 000 families registered last night at the Great Plaza to the role of Il Viaggio circus is a clear sign of climate of peace and harmony that exists in Coahuila.

He also mentioned that it is preparing the celebrations on the occasion of the Mother's Day.

"We will celebrate all the mothers of Coahuila with many gifts and surprises, so we ask that you are very aware and attend all events that will be offered," he added.

It is an event for children and their parents. 

With satisfaction on his face when he saw the crowd of people gathered in the Great Plaza to see the role of Il Circo Viaggio, the state's governor Jorge Torres Lopez, thanked the response of almost 25 000 people in the event it is for you children and their parents in the northern region.

 The state governor, Jorge Torres Lopez, was accompanied by his wife Carlota Torres Llaguno Chair and Volunteer DIF Coahuila, and the Mayor Elizondo and Oscar Lopez Macarena Lopez Retes, which were very good hosts of the festival "week of joy "in honor of all children in the Northern Region. 

"I will not talk much, he said," because all you have waited several hours function is to initiate and can admire peacefully, thanks to the intervention of the police forces who were alert to prevent a mishap occurred and congratulations all children.  Thanked the mayors of the Northern Region, Coal and Five Springs, as well as the municipal chairman and children for a day.

I am proud to see thousands of faces of awe and wonder of children to see the show they bring in their day, said the governor.  Mayors thanks Governor. 

 The mayors of the Northern Region thanked the state governor Jorge Torres Lopez, this type of festival that was presented in Piedras Negras, Il Circo Viaggio, because it is a very nice show and a chance to share with family and people. 

 Nerio Antonio said he and his wife Ana Teresa Villaseñor Nerio, have only to thank Mrs. Charlotte Llaguno Torres, president of DIF Coahuila, the invitation to see this festival that is unimaginable, that never before had and thanks to the effort they can admire. 

 It is a festival never seen before and it is great that the state governor, Jorge Torres Lopez and his wife Charlotte Llaguno of Torres, presented in the Northern Region, because it allows the opportunity to come to enjoy close to Mayor Acuna Alberto Aguirre. 

Accompanied by his wife Ana Sofia Arechiga thanked these events, because I can admire those guys municipalities such as Guerrero.